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    Case Study: Old Burleigh Road

    Project Name: Old Burleigh Road

    Location: Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach, Gold Coast

    Contractor Details: Builder - 4D...

    Tradie Tips - Tape Dry Out Prevention


    One of the most common problems that we deal with, particularly during summer is tape...

    Cartons vs Buckets: save money while saving the planet

    Discover why cartons are the smart choice for your plastering project. 

    From the smallest job to the largest...

    Top Five Plastering Mistakes and the Easy Fixes

    Pro-tips from Pro Plaster to avoid common mistakes and issues when setting 

    The rapid increase in housing demand...

    Pro Plaster Myth Solutions


    A multi-storey luxury residential complex, Park-House Residences, was built by Carbone...

    Myth #3 Busted ~ An all-in-one solution is always the best

    An all-in-one solution is always best

    Reality: Specialist brands offer tailored solutions with personalised service.

    Myth #2 Busted ~ It's safer to go with the "big brands"

    It's safer to go with the "big brands"

    Reality: It's your choice with products to use to get the best result. ...

    Myth #1 Busted ~ My warranty will be voided if I don't use the "whole system"

    My warranty will be voided if I don’t use the “whole system”

    Reality: Outside of the tested fire system, there is no...

    Being Involved with AWCIANZ

    I’m often asked how have I been successful , and I say that humbly , because what is success ? Well if your life has...

    Working at height made easy

    Plastering high walls and ceilings can be a lengthy process when you don’t have the right equipment. Constant...

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