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Tradie Tips - Tape Dry Out Prevention

Posted by Perry Richarson on Feb 19, 2020 12:03:47 PM


One of the most common problems that we deal with, particularly during summer is tape cracking or lifting. We refer to this as tape dry out.

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Base bond which is predominately used for taping here in Australia , is a chemical set compound . When mixed with water it starts the process , water is necessary to actuate the chemical bonding process, but most important is that it needs enough moisture in the compound at the time that the setting takes place ,which is normally around 5 minutes prior to the compounds set time , 40, 60 or 90 minute. If there is not enough moisture at that time , the compound will dry but not set therefore will have a weakened bond.

Normally it is easy to tell when this has taken place as two things occur , the tape pulls out very easily and secondly is that it will be dusty under the tape. Usually, the tape appears to be cracked on the edges , and when you pull them out the above has happened.



These days with the rise in the use of taping banjos and boxes , the problem has become more prevalent . This doesn’t mean that they cant be used , but it is the applicator's responsibility to make sure that sufficient compound is under the tape and adequate moisture is present at set time. The best way to minimise the possibility is to use a faster setting compound like 40 or 60 , but avoid 90 minute during summer , the longer the compound takes to set the greater the risk of dry out . Alternatively use a premixed taping only compound that air dries , like Hamilton Blue Dot , or Pro Plaster Taping compound .



By Perry Richardson

Founder & Managing Director of Pro Plaster Products

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